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[SVGN] Welcome Sovereigns
Paradox of the Arcane Sovereigns is a PvX guild with the mindset of Teamwork, Relax and Interactive atmosphere, Drama Free environment. We aim to make our members knowledgeable and efficient about the contents of GW2 in a Non-Elitist and open format. Experience are learnt from our failure and we will utilize that to our advantage. We gladly welcome all New/Seasoned/Returning player to be apart of regime and our unique paradox. But to most of all to have fun and relax in good company.

We don't force members who are still learning the game to get involved in the high end contents but we encourage them to get involve with whatever community building events we may be doing. Here is our general and basic Requirements

Farming events, Map farms ( Silverwaste/Frostgorge Sound/Fireheart Rise), Waypoint Run, Guild Mission, Guild Tournaments,Tonic Map race Fractals etc etc etc. Lets get to it!!! Its as simple as that. Whatever we can think of that sounds fun we gonna do it. Members are welcomed to come up with ideas and lead them as well. Including leading meta events in the HoT maps/World Boss Runs etc.


Dont hesitate to use any of our Services, such as TS3,Discord,Website..
Our Website is a Treasure Trove of information where we share info about the game and tips with the various class/professions for WvW/Raid/PvE/PvP.
Pop in discord and join ever so fun and strange at times conversation
The service of all these are open and highly recommended to be utilize by everyone, you can share your experience photos/videos .


As a SVGN you are not just a regular number, you are a member with a voice and a hand in building a Empire. Everything we do leads to our greatness.
Anyone can become a guild officer at least with the right attitude. We will allow those who want to tag up and lead events/Raids/WvW/ Guild Missions etc in an effort to assist our members and even other players of the game. We also have Profession Mentors. Members who are proficient with teaching about a class as it relates to builds/gear/and fight style
General overview of the ranks and roles are Here. .

In closing, we are casual but at the end of the day we want to see a excellent level of progression for both our-self and our Guild. We want members to be comfortable with each other regardless of Gender/Race/Sexual Orientation. You control your progress and we will be the driving force to get you to accomplish what you need.

Let us forge our way through Victory and sit high on the throne of Dominance as we Rule and Conquer like the Sovereigns we are meant to be